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I am a former Dallas Firefighter and have always been passionate about helping others. In addition to reaching out and helping the elderly, I have a passion for helping our youth. Despite working two jobs and raising a family, I felt that something was missing from my life. I was saving lives on behalf of the Fire Department, while watching our youth being lost everyday to violence, drugs, lack of proper education and the impact of incarceration in my own neighborhood. I felt like I could make a difference!

In 1995, I founded The Oak Cliff Boxing Club, Inc (OCBC) which was open to any youth age 8-18. Opening this Boxing Club was to serve as a tool to help save the underprivileged youth in the community. A former boxer myself, I understand the discipline required for this sport and the impact it can make on a persons life. The Club's services included life skills, construction trainng, educational curriculum and a feeding program. The facility provided for a safe haven for youth during the most critical hours of the day. Today, the Oak Cliff Boxing Club is recognized by USA Boxing as one of the top-ranked amateur boxing gyms in the nation.

Greg F. Hatley